Friday, February 11, 2022

Russia gains China's support in NATO showdown over Ukraine 俄羅斯在北約對烏克蘭的攤牌中獲得中國的支持

CBC News in Canada shows that Guy Saint-Jacques, former Canadian ambassador to China, says Xi Jinping will be closely watching the American response if Russia decides to invade Ukraine to gauge whether Beijing can take more forceful measures when it comes to Taiwan.

Russia-Ukraine crisis is continuing. Russia has more than 100,000 troops near the border of Ukraine.

China is really urged to weigh economic costs of Moscow coalition as sanction threats mount.

China and Beijing must carefully weigh the risks of getting closer to Moscow while Russia faces sanctions over Ukraine.

China and Russia really have made a show of solidarity to counter USA economic threats.

Following an important meeting between Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin early this month, the neighbours announced they were "entering a new era of global sustainable development."

The show of solidarity in the times of the Winter Olympics was carefully watched by the international community.

Russia and China want to safeguard "international fairness and justice."

China-Russia trade would be caught up in sanctions fallout, especially if Russia was excluded from the so-called SWIFT financial messaging service.

SWIFT’s messaging services are trusted and used by more than 11,000 financial institutions in more than 200 countries and territories around the whole world. SWIFT provides reliable, secure and efficient messaging services to the community of users. SWIFT calls itself the backbone of global financial communication.

These messaging services went live in 1977 to replace the Telex technology then widely used by banks to communicate instructions related to cross-border transfers. The service remains as relevant today as it was ground-breaking back then, representing the primary communications channel for financial institutions engaged in correspondent banking all around the world, and offering the most secure, cost-effective and reliable way of transmitting important financial messages relating to payments, securities, treasury and trade.


加拿大CBC新聞顯示,加拿大前駐華大使蓋伊·聖雅克(Guy Saint-Jacques)表示,如果俄羅斯決定入侵烏克蘭,習近平將密切關注美國的反應,以評估北京能否在台灣問題上採取更有力的措施。








中俄貿易將受到製裁的影響,尤其是如果俄羅斯被排除在所謂的 SWIFT 金融信息服務之外的話。

SWIFT 的報文傳送服務受到全球 200 多個國家和地區的 11,000 多家金融機構的信任和使用。 SWIFT 為用戶社區提供可靠、安全和高效的報文傳送服務。 SWIFT 稱自己為全球金融通信的支柱。

這些消息服務於 1977 年投入使用,以取代 Telex 技術,該技術隨後被銀行廣泛用於傳達與跨境轉賬相關的指令。該服務在今天仍然具有重要意義,因為它在當時是開創性的,代表了全球從事代理銀行業務的金融機構的主要通信渠道,並提供最安全、最具成本效益和最可靠的方式來傳輸相關的重要金融信息支付、證券、資金和貿易。