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Japan's All Nippon Airways Flight Reports a Crack on Its Cockpit Window Mid-Air 日本全日空航空公司的航班报告其驾驶舱窗户在半空中出现裂缝

Firstpost Channel on Youtube has the story.

Japan's All Nippon Airways Flight Reports a Crack on Its Cockpit Window Mid-Air

A domestic flight of Japan's All Nippon Airways reported a crack on its cockpit window mid-air. The Boeing 737-800 plane, carrying 59 passengers and six crew, returned to its departure airport. The flight was en route Toyama city but headed back to Sapporo. The crack was found on the outermost of four layers of windows surrounding the cockpit. This marks the second incident involving a Boeing 737. Earlier this month, cabin panel of Alaska Airlines Boeing plane fell off mid-air, forcing an emergency landing.

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YouTube 上的 Firstpost 频道有这个故事。


日本全日空航空公司的一架国内航班报告称,其驾驶舱窗户在半空中出现裂缝。 这架波音737-800飞机载有59名乘客和6名机组人员,返回出发机场。 该航班原定航线为富山市,但随后返回札幌。 裂缝出现在驾驶舱周围四层窗户的最外层。 这是第二起涉及波音 737 的事故。本月早些时候,阿拉斯加航空公司的波音飞机客舱面板从半空中坠落,被迫紧急迫降。

Air traffic transcripts reveal new details of Japan plane crash 空中交通记录揭示了日本飞机失事的新细节

9 News Australia Channel on Youtube has the story.

Air traffic control transcripts have shown that the coast guard plane involved in a fatal crash at a Japan airport did not have clearance to be on the runway prior to the crash.

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YouTube 上的 9 News Australia Channel 有这个故事。


How Japan Airlines Rescued 379 People in Just Minutes 日本航空如何在短短几分钟内营救 379 人

Firstpost Channel on Youtube has the story.

How Japan Airlines Rescued 379 People in Just Minutes

379 passengers and crew members were evacuated from a Japan Airlines flight before it exploded into a fireball. How did it pull off this miraculous rescue? Palki Sharma tells you why safety guidelines and following rules can save lives. 

All 379 people aboard a Japan Airlines (JAL) plane escaped the burning airliner after a collision with a Coast Guard aircraft at Tokyo's Haneda airport that killed five of six crew on the smaller aircraft on Tuesday.

Watch the Japan Airlines story. Tokyo's Haneda Airport had the airplane on Fire. Evacuation of passengers happened in World News.

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YouTube 上的 Firstpost 频道有这个故事。

日本航空如何在短短几分钟内营救 379 人

日本航空一架航班爆炸成火球前,379 名乘客和机组人员被疏散。 这场奇迹般的救援是如何完成的? Palki Sharma 告诉您为什么安全准则和遵守规则可以拯救生命。

周二,日本航空 (JAL) 的一架飞机在东京羽田机场与一架海岸警卫队飞机相撞,造成这架小型飞机上六名机组人员中的五人死亡,机上 379 名乘客全部逃离了燃烧的客机。

观看日本航空的故事。 东京羽田机场的飞机起火。 《世界新闻》报道了乘客疏散事件。

Plane Passenger's Shoes Ripped Off After Door Plug Detaches 飞机门塞脱落后乘客鞋子被扯掉

Inside Edition on Youtube has the story.

A shocking picture shows the aftermath of an Alaska Airlines passenger’s foot after a plane’s door plug detached midair. His shoes and socks were sucked off his feet. The image shows bruises on the man’s ankle. The passenger says he started dozing off on the flight when he heard a noise. All at once, his shoes and socks were gone at 15,000 feet in the air along with his cellphone. Inside Edition’s Jim Moret has more.

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YouTube 上的 Inside Edition 有这个故事。

一张令人震惊的照片显示了阿拉斯加航空一名乘客的脚在飞机门塞在半空中脱落后的后果。 他脚上的鞋子和袜子都被吸走了。 图片显示该男子脚踝上有瘀伤。 这名乘客说,当他听到噪音时,他在飞机上开始打瞌睡。 突然间,他的鞋子和袜子连同手机一起在 15,000 英尺的高空消失了。 Inside Edition 的 Jim Moret 有更多内容。

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Japan: Newest Advanced Humanoid Female Robots 日本:最新先进人形女性机器人

Carros Show on Youtube shows the story about Japan Humanoid Robots.

Japan continues to astonish the world with its advanced humanoid robots. The country actively develops autonomous robots to assist the elderly and enrich society with new technological solutions. Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro from Osaka University plays a pivotal role in creating incredibly lifelike androids, anticipating the future interaction between humans and machines.

Chinese Translation:

YouTube 上的 Carros Show 展示了有关日本人形机器人的故事。

日本继续以其先进的人形机器人震惊世界。 该国积极开发自主机器人,以帮助老年人并通过新技术解决方案丰富社会。 大阪大学的 Hiroshi Ishiguro 教授在创造极其逼真的机器人方面发挥着关键作用,预测了未来人与机器之间的互动。

Monday, January 1, 2024

Japan downgrades major tsunami warning after earthquakes 日本地震后下调重大海啸警报

BBC News on Youtube has the story.

BBC is a British public broadcast service.

Japan has downgraded its tsunami warning after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake struck the central region.

The major warning - the first in Japan since the 2011 earthquake - was issued for the Noto area. 

Tsunami warnings also remain in place for the neighbouring Niigata and Toyama prefectures.

A succession of more than 30 earthquakes have struck central Japan since about 16:00 local time (07:00 GMT), with more expected to follow.

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YouTube 上的 BBC 新闻报道了这个故事。

BBC 是英国公共广播服务机构。


此次重大警报是针对能登地区发布的,这是日本自 2011 年地震以来的首次警报。


自当地时间 16:00(格林威治标准时间 07:00)左右以来,日本中部已连续发生 30 多次地震,预计还会发生更多地震。

Japan earthquakes: People urged to flee to higher ground 日本地震:人们敦促逃往地势较高的地方

Sky News on Youtube has the story.

Pictures of buildings collapsing and catching fire have been shown on Japanese public television, after a series of powerful earthquakes hit Ishikawa and nearby areas. 

Authorities are warning that earthquakes could continue to hit the country and people need to remain vigilant over the coming days.

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YouTube 上的天空新闻报道了这个故事。



Strong earthquake prompts tsunami warning in Japan 日本强烈地震引发海啸警报

DW News on Youtube has the story.

A tsunami warning is in effect for parts of Japan's west coast, following the country's most powerful earthquake for more than five years. On the other side of the Sea of Japan - Russia's far-east coast, North and South Korea are also on alert.

Some 20 strong earthquakes shook central Japan's western coast - the most intense, with a magnitude of 7-point-6, hit the Ishikawa prefecture.

Authorities have warned people along the coast to move to safety. More than 30-thousand homes are without power, and the Japanese government says no irregularities have been detected at nuclear power facilities.

Chinese Translation:

YouTube 上的 DW News 报道了这个故事。

在日本发生五年多来最强烈的地震后,日本西海岸部分地区发布了海啸警报。 在日本海的另一边——俄罗斯远东海岸,朝鲜和韩国也处于戒备状态。

日本中部西海岸发生约 20 次强烈地震,其中最强烈的地震为石川县,震级为 7 点 6 级。

当局已警告沿海地区的人们前往安全地带。 超过 3 万户家庭停电,日本政府表示未发现核电设施存在异常情况。

Japan: 40 earthquakes M7.6, M6.1, M5.7 occurred in 2 hours! 300 km Tsunami Warning 日本:2小时内发生40次M7.6、M6.1、M5.7地震! 300公里海啸警报

Vulnerability Channel on Youtube has the story.
Jan 1, 2024  ЯПОНИЯ

40 earthquakes M7.6, M6.1, M5.7 occurred in Japan in 2 hours! 300 km tsunami warning

Natural disaster 1 January 2024.

Japan issues tsunami warning following a series of 21 strong earthquakes.

According to the Japanese Meteorological Agency, a sequence of 21 earthquakes with a magnitude of 4.0 or higher struck central Japan within just 90 minutes on Monday.

The strongest tremor recorded reached a magnitude of 7.6, causing widespread concern.

Earthquakes triggered tsunami warnings, prompting authorities to urge residents to move to higher ground in the affected region.

A powerful earthquake occurred in the Ishikawa Prefecture in central Japan.
Tsunami warnings were declared in Niigata, Toyama, and Ishikawa prefectures along the Sea of Japan coast.

People in these areas are advised to evacuate immediately.

Dangerous tsunami waves were possible within 300 kilometers of the earthquake's epicenter along the Japanese coast.

Chinese Translation:

YouTube 上的漏洞频道有这个故事。
2024 年 1 月 1 日

日本2小时内发生40次M7.6、M6.1、M5.7地震! 300公里海啸警报

2024 年 1 月 1 日发生自然灾害。

日本在连续 21 次强烈地震后发布海啸警报。

据日本气象厅称,周一在短短 90 分钟内,日本中部发生了 21 次 4.0 级或以上的地震。





日本沿海地震震中 300 公里范围内可能会发生危险的海啸。


地震 Earthquake
海啸 Tsunami
警告 Warning
自然灾害 Natural Disaster
气象厅 Meteorological Agency
顺序 Sequence
震颤 Tremor
忧虑 Concern
建议 Advice
波浪 Waves
震中 Epicenter
日本海岸 Japanese Coast