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Made from blocks of ice - cool amazing Chinese city amusement park 由冰块制成 - 酷炫的中国城市游乐园

Made from blocks of ice - cool amazing Chinese city amusement park 由冰块制成 - 酷炫的中国城市游乐园

Harbin (simplified Chinese: 哈尔滨; traditional Chinese: 哈爾濱; pinyin: Hā'ěrbīn) is a sub-provincial city and the provincial capital and the largest city of Heilongjiang province, People's Republic of China, as well as the second largest city by urban population after Shenyang and largest city by metropolitan population (urban and rural together) in Northeast China.

Harbin has direct jurisdiction over nine metropolitan districts, two county-level cities and seven counties, and is the eighth most populous Chinese city according to the 2020 census. The built-up area of Harbin (which consists of all districts except Shuangcheng and Acheng) had 5,841,929 inhabitants, while the total metropolitan population was up to 10,009,854, making it one of the 50 largest urban areas in the world.

哈尔滨直辖9个都市区、2个县级市和7个县,根据2020年人口普查,哈尔滨是中国人口第八大城市。 哈尔滨市建成区(包括除双城、阿城外的所有区)有居民5,841,929人,城市总人口达10,009,854人,是世界50个最大城市之一。

Harbin, whose name was originally a Manchu word meaning "a place for drying fishing nets", grew from a small rural settlement on the Songhua River to become one of the largest cities in Northeast China. Founded in 1898 with the coming of the Chinese Eastern Railway, the city first prospered as a region inhabited by an overwhelming majority of immigrants from the Russian Empire. In the 1920s, the city was considered China's fashion capital since new designs from Paris and Moscow reached here first before arriving in Shanghai. From 1932 until 1945, Harbin was the largest city in the Imperial Japanese puppet state of Manchukuo.

哈尔滨这个名字最初是满语,意思是"晒渔网的地方",从松花江畔的一个小乡村发展成为中国东北最大的城市之一。 这座城市于 1898 年随着中东铁路的开通而建立,最初是作为绝大多数俄罗斯帝国移民居住的地区而繁荣起来的。 20世纪20年代,这座城市被认为是中国的时尚之都,因为来自巴黎和莫斯科的新设计首先到达这里,然后才到达上海。 从 1932 年到 1945 年,哈尔滨是日本帝国伪满洲国最大的城市。

Known for its bitterly cold winters, Harbin is heralded as the Ice City (冰城) for its winter tourism and recreations. Harbin is notable for its ice sculpture festival in the winter. Being well known for its historical Russian legacy and architecture - the city is famed for its European influence, and serves as an important gateway in Sino-Russian trade today. Harbin serves as a key political, economic, scientific, cultural and communications hub in Northeast China, as well as an important industrial base of the nation. The city was voted "China Top Tourist City" by the China National Tourism Administration in 2004.

哈尔滨以其冬季严寒而闻名,因其冬季旅游和娱乐而被誉为"冰城"。 哈尔滨以其冬季的冰雕节而闻名。 这座城市以其俄罗斯历史遗产和建筑而闻名,因其欧洲影响力而闻名,并且是当今中俄贸易的重要门户。 哈尔滨是东北地区重要的政治、经济、科技、文化、交通中心和国家重要的工业基地。 2004年,该市被国家旅游局评为"中国优秀旅游城市"。

Harbin is one of the top 100 cities and metropolitan areas in the world by scientific research output as tracked by the Nature Index. The city hosts several major universities in Northeast China, including Harbin Engineering, Harbin Medical, Northeast Agricultural, Harbin University of Science and Technology, Harbin Normal, Northeast Forestry, and Heilongjiang. Notably, Harbin Institute of Technology is consistently ranked as one of the best universities in the world for engineering.

根据自然指数,哈尔滨是世界科研产出前100名的城市和都市圈之一。 哈尔滨工程大学、哈尔滨医科大学、东北农业大学、哈尔滨科技大学、哈尔滨师范大学、东北林业大学、黑龙江大学等东北地区重点大学均在该市。 值得注意的是,哈尔滨工业大学一直被评为世界上最好的工程大学之一。

Translations: 翻译:

冰块 blocks of ice
惊人的 amazing
中国城市 Chinese city
游乐园 amusement park
哈尔滨 Harbin
副省级城市 sub-provincial city
省会 provincial capital
最大的城市 largest city
黑龙江 Heilongjiang
城市的 urban
乡村的 rural
大都市人口 metropolitan population
直接管辖 direct jurisdiction
大都市区 metropolitan districts
人口普查 census
居民 inhabitants
世界 world

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