Thursday, December 31, 2020

Chinese Grammar Notes - Actress Meng Jia News

Meng Jia (Chinese: 孟佳; pinyin: Mèng Jia), simply known as Jia, is a Chinese singer and actress. She was a member of South Korean girl group Miss A until her contract expired in May 2016. Following the departure, Meng Jia signed with Banana Culture Music in 2016 to pursue her solo activities in China.

孟佳是中國歌手和女演員。 她一直是韓國女子組合A小姐的成員,直到她的合同於2016年5月到期。離開後,孟佳於2016年與Banana Culture Music簽約,以繼續在中國的個人活動。

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