Thursday, March 31, 2022

All 132 victims of China Eastern Airlines crash identified through DNA testing 東航墜機132名遇難者全部通過DNA檢測確定

"Arirang News" Channel on Youtube is pretty interesting.

See the story: All 132 victims of China Eastern Airlines crash identified through DNA testing

중국 "추락 여객기 탑승자 132명 전원 DNA검사로 신원 확인"

For a look at news from around the world,... we turn to Lee Seung-jae, who's standing by at the Arirang newsroom. Good morning.

Good morning.

Let's start off with an update on the tragic China Eastern Airlines crash. Officials have identified all 132 victims on-board the ill-fated flight.

That's right. It's the news that the victims' families were hoping they weren't going to hear,... but all 132 victims of the China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 crash have been identified through DNA testing.
According to a civil aviation official on Monday at a news conference in Beijing,... the group is now planning for the transfer and classification of victims' remains and belongings.
The remains of the victims are currently at Wuzhou Funeral Parlor,... while authorities says that the immediate priority is providing psychological and health aid to the families of those who died.
A total of 1-thousand-180 psychological assistance personnel have been dispatched.
Meanwhile,.. the investigation is still underway to find out the cause of the crash.

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중국 "추락 여객기 탑승자 132명 전원 DNA검사로 신원 확인"



讓我們從悲慘的中國東方航空公司墜機事件的最新情況開始。官員們已經確定了這架命運多舛的航班上的所有 132 名遇難者。

這是正確的。這是受害者家屬希望他們不會聽到的消息,但中國東方航空公司 MU5735 航班失事的 132 名遇難者均已通過 DNA 檢測確認身份。
遇難者遺體目前在梧州殯儀館,... 而當局表示,當務之急是為死者家屬提供心理和健康援助。
與此同時,.. 調查仍在進行中,以查明墜機原因。

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