Thursday, March 31, 2022

Boeing plane crash in China: Search crew says second black box found 波音飛機在中國墜毀:搜索人員稱發現第二個黑匣子

WION Channel on Youtube shows that a China Eastern passenger jet crashed in Southwest China a few days ago. All 132 passengers are reportedly dead. Rescue teams combed the hillside but couldn't find any survivors. Now, the search crew says the second black box was found.

Youtube上的WION頻道顯示,日前,一架東航客機在西南地區墜毀。 據報導,所有 132 名乘客均已死亡。 救援隊在山坡上搜尋,但找不到任何倖存者。 現在,搜索人員說發現了第二個黑匣子。

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