Thursday, March 31, 2022

Why China Is About To Take Over Space 為什麼中國即將接管太空

"The Space Race" Channel on Youtube is pretty interesting.

Take a look at Why China Is About To "Take Over Space."

See a review of all the news and updates around China's plans for space travel, colonization and a new space station.

Check out more of the Youtube Channel for SpaceX News and Mars Colonization News and Updates.

"The Space Race" Channel on Youtube is dedicated to the exploration of outer space and humans' mission to explore the universe. See news and updates from everything in space, including the SpaceX and NASA mission to colonize Mars and the Moon. See news and updates from SpaceX, NASA, Starlink, Blue Origin, The James Webb Space Telescope and more. If you’re interested in space exploration, Mars colonization, and everything to do with space travel and the space race... you’ve come to the right channel!  Be inspired to learn more about outer space.

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A human mission to Mars is an exciting possibility. People are trying to create the spacecraft capable of transporting a crew to Mars.

Some have also considered exploring the Martian moons of so-called Phobos and Deimos.

Long-term space proposals have included sending settlers and terraforming the planet.

Proposals for human missions to Mars came from NASA, Russia, Boeing, SpaceX, and the Inspiration Mars Foundation. As of 2022, only so-called rovers have been on Mars. The farthest humans have been beyond Earth is the Moon (Earth's moon).

The unmanned exploration of Mars has been a goal of various national space programs for decades, and was first achieved in 1965 with the Mariner 4 flyby.


Youtube 上的“太空競賽”頻道非常有趣。



查看更多關於 SpaceX 新聞和火星殖民新聞和更新的 Youtube 頻道。

Youtube上的“太空競賽”頻道致力於探索外太空和人類探索宇宙的使命。查看來自太空中所有事物的新聞和更新,包括 SpaceX 和 NASA 的火星和月球殖民任務。查看來自 SpaceX、NASA、Starlink、Blue Origin、詹姆斯韋伯太空望遠鏡等的新聞和更新。如果您對太空探索、火星殖民以及與太空旅行和太空競賽有關的一切感興趣……您來對地方了!受到啟發,了解更多關於外太空的信息。





NASA、俄羅斯、波音、SpaceX 和靈感火星基金會提出了載人火星任務的建議。截至 2022 年,只有所謂的漫遊者在火星上。人類離開地球最遠的地方是月球(Earth's moon)。

數十年來,無人探索火星一直是各種國家太空計劃的目標,並於 1965 年通過水手 4 號飛越首次實現。

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