Wednesday, March 30, 2022

China's new Long March-6A carrier rocket completes maiden flight 中國新型長征六號甲運載火箭完成首飛

China has made exciting accomplishments. China's first hybrid carrier rocket, the Long March-6A, blasted off at 5:50 p.m. Beijing Time on Tuesday with 2 satellites on board from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in north China's Shanxi Province. It has certainly become part of China's new generation of carrier rockets.

In World News, China's new modified Long March-6 carrier rocket completes maiden flight successfully.

In the large country of China, a modified version of the Long March-6 carrier rocket made its maiden flight on Tuesday, successfully sending two satellites into orbit.

The rocket blasted off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, and is the country's certainly first carrier rocket type to be equipped with solid strap-on boosters.

1 of the 2 satellites launched by the rocket will carry out scientific tests and research, including a land and resources survey, while the other will carry out tests to verify space environment detection technology.

The latest launch was the 412th mission of the so-called Long March rocket series.

China's new Long March-6A carrier rocket completes maiden flight.

Congratulations for the success, indeed.

Hope it will also run smooth when they send the two experimental modules to the space station.

The so-called "maiden flight", also known as first flight, of an aircraft is the first occasion on which it leaves the ground under its own power. The same term is also used for the first launch of rockets.

The maiden flight of a new aircraft type is always certainly a historic occasion. In the early days of aviation it could be dangerous, because the exact handling characteristics of the aircraft were really generally unknown. The maiden flight of a new type is almost invariably flown by a highly experienced test pilot. Maiden flights are usually accompanied by a chase plane, to verify items like altitude, airspeed, and general airworthiness.

A maiden flight is only 1 stage in the important development of an aircraft type. Unless the type is a pure research aircraft (such as the X-15), the aircraft must be tested extensively to ensure that it delivers the desired performance with an acceptable margin of important safety. In the case of civilian aircraft, a new type must be certified by a governing agency (such as the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States) before it can really enter operation.


中國取得了令人振奮的成就。中國第一顆混合運載火箭長征六號甲於下午 5 點 50 分發射升空。北京時間週二,中國北方山西省太原衛星發射中心搭載兩顆衛星。它無疑已成為中國新一代運載火箭的一部分。











首飛只是機型重要發展的一個階段。除非該類型是純粹的研究飛機(例如 X-15),否則必須對飛機進行廣泛的測試,以確保它提供所需的性能和可接受的重要安全裕度。就民用飛機而言,新型飛機必須經過管理機構(如美國聯邦航空管理局)的認證才能真正投入運營。

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