Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Learn Chinese Through News: Fire News: English Translation and Pinyin with Samples, Intermediate Chinese


A wildfire, forest fire, bushfire, wildland fire or rural fire is an unplanned, uncontrolled and unpredictable fire in an area of combustible vegetation starting in rural and urban areas. Some forest ecosystems in their natural state depend on wildfire. Depending on the type of vegetation present, a wildfire can also be classified more specifically as a bushfire (in Australia), desert fire, grass fire, hill fire, peat fire, prairie fire, vegetation fire, or veld fire. Wildfires are distinct from beneficial uses of fire, called controlled burns, though controlled burns can turn into wildfires.

Fossil charcoal indicates that wildfires began soon after the appearance of terrestrial plants approximately 419 million years ago during the Silurian period. The occurrence of wildfires throughout the history of terrestrial life invites conjecture that fire must have had pronounced evolutionary effects on most ecosystems' flora and fauna. Earth's carbon-rich vegetation, seasonally dry climates, atmospheric oxygen, and widespread lightning and volcanic ignitions create good conditions for fires.



木炭化石表明,野火在大约 4.19 亿年前的志留纪时期陆生植物出现后不久就开始了。在整个陆地生命史中,野火的发生让人猜想,火一定对大多数生态系统的动植物产生了显着的进化影响。地球上富含碳的植被、季节性干燥的气候、大气中的氧气以及广泛的闪电和火山点燃为火灾创造了良好的条件。

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