Tuesday, November 15, 2022

清谈 Salary Negotiation - Upper Intermediate Chinese Lessons

Key Vocabulary:

资深 - zīshēn - veteran (journalist etc); senior; highly experienced
工作人员 - gōngzuòrényuán - staff member
争取 - zhēngqǔ - to fight for; to strive for; to win over
项目 - xiàngmù - item; project; (sports) event
底气 - dǐqì - confidence, lung capacity; lung power; stamina
从事 - cóngshì - to go for; to engage in; to undertake
行业 - hángyè - industry
行政 - xíngzhèng - administrative
门面 - ménmian - shop front; facade
前台 - qiántái - front desk


经验 experience
经历 experience, skill
阅历 experience, sophisticate, patriarch, first hand
见识 experience, knowledge, sensibleness
历 calendar, experience
熟练 skill, experience, practice, knack, conversance, conversancy
涉 experience
身受 experience
熟 maturity, ripeness, skill, knack, matureness, experience
员工 staff, personnel
人员 personnel, staff, crew
职工 staff, worker
标尺 staff, staff gauge, rear sight, surveyor's rod
杆 pole, stick, handle, staff
棍棒 club, wand, staff, cudgel, waddy
殳 lance, pike, staff
谱表 staff, stave


经验 experience
经历 experience, undergo, go through
阅历 experience
历 experience, undergo, pass through
经受 withstand, undergo, experience, stand, endure, weather
意会 sense, feel, experience, intuit, be aware of, discern
阅世 experience

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