Monday, January 15, 2024

Plane Passenger's Shoes Ripped Off After Door Plug Detaches 飞机门塞脱落后乘客鞋子被扯掉

Inside Edition on Youtube has the story.

A shocking picture shows the aftermath of an Alaska Airlines passenger’s foot after a plane’s door plug detached midair. His shoes and socks were sucked off his feet. The image shows bruises on the man’s ankle. The passenger says he started dozing off on the flight when he heard a noise. All at once, his shoes and socks were gone at 15,000 feet in the air along with his cellphone. Inside Edition’s Jim Moret has more.

Chinese Translation:

YouTube 上的 Inside Edition 有这个故事。

一张令人震惊的照片显示了阿拉斯加航空一名乘客的脚在飞机门塞在半空中脱落后的后果。 他脚上的鞋子和袜子都被吸走了。 图片显示该男子脚踝上有瘀伤。 这名乘客说,当他听到噪音时,他在飞机上开始打瞌睡。 突然间,他的鞋子和袜子连同手机一起在 15,000 英尺的高空消失了。 Inside Edition 的 Jim Moret 有更多内容。

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