Monday, January 1, 2024

Strong earthquake prompts tsunami warning in Japan 日本强烈地震引发海啸警报

DW News on Youtube has the story.

A tsunami warning is in effect for parts of Japan's west coast, following the country's most powerful earthquake for more than five years. On the other side of the Sea of Japan - Russia's far-east coast, North and South Korea are also on alert.

Some 20 strong earthquakes shook central Japan's western coast - the most intense, with a magnitude of 7-point-6, hit the Ishikawa prefecture.

Authorities have warned people along the coast to move to safety. More than 30-thousand homes are without power, and the Japanese government says no irregularities have been detected at nuclear power facilities.

Chinese Translation:

YouTube 上的 DW News 报道了这个故事。

在日本发生五年多来最强烈的地震后,日本西海岸部分地区发布了海啸警报。 在日本海的另一边——俄罗斯远东海岸,朝鲜和韩国也处于戒备状态。

日本中部西海岸发生约 20 次强烈地震,其中最强烈的地震为石川县,震级为 7 点 6 级。

当局已警告沿海地区的人们前往安全地带。 超过 3 万户家庭停电,日本政府表示未发现核电设施存在异常情况。

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