Sunday, January 14, 2024

Japan: Newest Advanced Humanoid Female Robots 日本:最新先进人形女性机器人

Carros Show on Youtube shows the story about Japan Humanoid Robots.

Japan continues to astonish the world with its advanced humanoid robots. The country actively develops autonomous robots to assist the elderly and enrich society with new technological solutions. Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro from Osaka University plays a pivotal role in creating incredibly lifelike androids, anticipating the future interaction between humans and machines.

Chinese Translation:

YouTube 上的 Carros Show 展示了有关日本人形机器人的故事。

日本继续以其先进的人形机器人震惊世界。 该国积极开发自主机器人,以帮助老年人并通过新技术解决方案丰富社会。 大阪大学的 Hiroshi Ishiguro 教授在创造极其逼真的机器人方面发挥着关键作用,预测了未来人与机器之间的互动。

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