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How Japan Airlines Rescued 379 People in Just Minutes 日本航空如何在短短几分钟内营救 379 人

Firstpost Channel on Youtube has the story.

How Japan Airlines Rescued 379 People in Just Minutes

379 passengers and crew members were evacuated from a Japan Airlines flight before it exploded into a fireball. How did it pull off this miraculous rescue? Palki Sharma tells you why safety guidelines and following rules can save lives. 

All 379 people aboard a Japan Airlines (JAL) plane escaped the burning airliner after a collision with a Coast Guard aircraft at Tokyo's Haneda airport that killed five of six crew on the smaller aircraft on Tuesday.

Watch the Japan Airlines story. Tokyo's Haneda Airport had the airplane on Fire. Evacuation of passengers happened in World News.

Chinese Translation:

YouTube 上的 Firstpost 频道有这个故事。

日本航空如何在短短几分钟内营救 379 人

日本航空一架航班爆炸成火球前,379 名乘客和机组人员被疏散。 这场奇迹般的救援是如何完成的? Palki Sharma 告诉您为什么安全准则和遵守规则可以拯救生命。

周二,日本航空 (JAL) 的一架飞机在东京羽田机场与一架海岸警卫队飞机相撞,造成这架小型飞机上六名机组人员中的五人死亡,机上 379 名乘客全部逃离了燃烧的客机。

观看日本航空的故事。 东京羽田机场的飞机起火。 《世界新闻》报道了乘客疏散事件。

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