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Chinese: Corn Moon and Harvest Moon 中文:玉米月亮和收穫的月亮

Enjoy reading explanations of the Corn Moon and the Harvest Moon.

收割月亮 Harvest Moon
收成 Harvest
玉米月亮 Corn Moon
粟米 Corn
玉米 Maize
小米 Millet
老农夫的年鉴 Old Farmer's Almanac
世界 World
的 of
有 has
是 is
在 in
和 and

What is the difference between 粟米 and 玉米 ?
在中国南方,粟米就是玉米 corn
In southern China, corn is corn.
In the north, corn may refer to millet.

九月 or 9月 September
十月 or 10月 October
兩月 Two months
滿月 Full moon
北美 North America
年 Year
月光 Moonlight
該年 That year
章魚哥 Squidward
1792已面世 1792 has appeared
用 use
不多 not more
鼠 mouse
才 only; not until; not unless
故此 Therefore

通勝 Tung Shing (Divination Guide)

Tung Shing is a Chinese divination guide and almanac. It consists primarily of a calendar based on the Chinese lunar year.

The Corn Moon, named by Native Americans to indicate the beginning of the corn harvest season, is the last full moon of the summer.

The "Harvest Moon" refers to the full moon that rises within closest proximity to the autumnal equinox, according to CNN, which means Planet Earth only witnesses one every year. Usually, the Harvest Moon rises in September, but in 2020, September's full moon rose too early, which is why the Oct.


根據CNN的說法,"收割的月亮"是指升起的最接近秋分的滿月,這意味著地球每年僅見證一次。 通常,九月的收割月會升起,但是到2020年,九月的滿月會上升得太早,這就是十月的原因。

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