Thursday, January 14, 2021

Chinese Largest Cities in Mainland China - 中國大陸最大的城市

Find out about the Chinese largest cities.

Top 10 of the Largest Cities in Mainland China by Population of Urban Area

01 Shanghai 上海 26,917,322
02 Beijing 北京 20,381,745
03 Chongqing 重慶 15,773,658
04 Tianjin 天津 13,552,359
05 Guangzhou 廣州 13,238,590
06 Shenzhen 深圳 12,313,714
07 Chengdu 成都 9,104,865
08 Nanjing 南京 8,789,855
09 Wuhan 武漢 8,346,205
10 Xi'an 西安 7,948,032

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摸 touch, feel, find out, stroke, grope, feel with the hand

探悉 ascertain, find out, learn

鍼砭 find out, unshroud

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詢 query, inquire, ask, request, solicit, find out

廋疏 discover, find out, hunt out, hunt up, look for, seek after

跡察 examine, explore, find out, investigate, make out, size up

順風轉舵 find out, see out

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