Saturday, October 9, 2021

Chinese Grammar of Face and Facial Features 面部五官的汉语语法


面对 face, confront
面 face, front, expose
面向 face, look, turn towards, turn in the direction of
正视 face, face squarely
朝向 face, look, turn towards
朝 face, pilgrimage, pilgrim
临 face, arrive, overlook, be about to
对 be opposite, oppose, answer, reply, face, front
向着 face, turn towards, side with, take the part, be partial
冲 rush, charge, clash, rinse, water, face


面 surface, face, side, flour, aspect, top
脸 face, mug, physiognomy, phiz, snoot
表面 surface, face, appearance, exterior, external, outside
面孔 face
面子 face, reputation, prestige, outside, outer side
面貌 face, look, appearance, features, aspect
面容 face, countenance, look, facial features, facies
面目 face, features, appearance, look, feature, aspect
脸面 face, self-respect
颜面 face, reputation, prestige
面庞 face, contours of the face
颜 color, face, countenance, prestige, colour
体面 dignity, face, desert, merit, meritoriousness, worth
面儿 cover, face, outside, side, surface
面部特征 facial features
面部 Face

Some Interesting Sample Sentences:

She daubed her face with thick make-up.

She was badly burned on the face and body.

The disease causes patches of pigmentation on the face.

Mole or artificial spot on a woman's face, once thought to add to her beauty.

Concrete has had a face-lift in recent years and is no longer its old forbidding grey self.

A covering, as of cloth, that has openings for the eyes, entirely or partly conceals the face, and is worn especially at a masquerade ball.

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