Saturday, October 9, 2021

Tensions at the India-China border continue to grow 中印边境紧张局势持续升温

WION Channel on Youtube shows that the tensions at the India-China border are growing. The Chinese military is attempting fresh incursions. It is engaging in ceasefire violations. Military commanders from India and China will meet this month for the 13th time. So far, their dialogue has failed to produce any results. It looks like India now wants to pressurize china militarily for a solution.

Youtube上的WION频道显示,印中边境的紧张局势正在加剧。 中国军队正在尝试新的入侵。 它正在违反停火。 印度和中国的军事指挥官本月将举行第13次会晤。 到目前为止,他们的对话没有产生任何结果。 看起来印度现在想在军事上向中国施压以寻求解决方案。

China-India relations (Chinese: 中国-印度关系; Hindi: भारत-चीन सम्बन्ध), also called Sino-Indian relations or Indo-Chinese relations, refers to the bilateral relationship between China and India.


China and India had historically peaceful relations for a long time of thousands of years of recorded history. However, the tone of the relationship has varied in modern time, especially after the rule of Communist Party in China; the two nations have sought economic cooperation with each other, while frequent border disputes and economic nationalism in both countries are a major point of contention.

Cultural and economic relations between China and India date back to long ago ancient times. The Silk Road not only served as a major trade route between India and China, but is also credited for facilitating the spread of Buddhism from India to East Asia. During the 19th century, China was involved in a large growing opium trade with the East India Company, which exported opium grown in India.


中印两国有着悠久的历史和平关系,有着数千年的历史记载。 然而,这种关系的基调在近代发生了变化,尤其是在中国共产党执政之后; 两国都在寻求经济合作,而两国频繁的边界争端和经济民族主义是主要争论点。

中印之间的文化和经济关系源远流长。 丝绸之路不仅是印度和中国之间的主要贸易路线,而且还促进了佛教从印度传播到东亚。 在 19 世纪,中国与东印度公司进行了大规模的鸦片贸易,东印度公司出口在印度种植的鸦片。

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