Saturday, October 9, 2021

India's Devastating Plan To Dominate China In The Skies 印度在空中统治中国的毁灭性计划

Republic World Channel on Youtube shows that India’s Air Force is in the midst of a much-needed modernisation, bidding to phase out a mix of fighter aircraft that have served very well in the past but which lack the technological sophistication and capabilities to keep up with the changed security climate in the region.

With India very much the counterweight to China globally, the Dragon’s ‘all-weather’ alliance with Pakistan has necessitated India being ready for what is referred to as a ‘two-front’ situation, meaning India needs to be ready to handle aggression on both its western border with Pakistan and the north-eastern border with China.

Youtube 上的共和世界频道显示,印度空军正处于急需的现代化进程中,正在争取逐步淘汰过去表现良好但缺乏先进技术和能力的战斗机 该地区的安全气候发生了变化。

由于印度在全球范围内对中国的影响很大,龙与巴基斯坦的"全天候"联盟要求印度为所谓的"两线"局势做好准备,这意味着印度需要准备好应对双方的侵略 西部与巴基斯坦接壤,东北与中国接壤。

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