Saturday, October 9, 2021

Chinese Pronunciation and Tones 中文发音和声调

Correct pronunciation of important Chinese tones is particularly difficult when the 1st tone syllable is followed by second, third or forth tone.

First let's review the Chinese tones:

ā - á - ǎ - à
ī - í - ǐ - ì
āi - ái - ǎi - ài
ēi - éi - ěi - èi

In the image above, see what is happening when 1st tone is followed by other tones.


音 sound, tone, noise, news, tidings
调 tune, tone, accent, melody, air
色调 tone, hue, tinge
音调 tone, pitch, accent
声调 tone, note
调子 tone, tune, note, melody
声 sound, voice, noise, tone, reputation
笔调 style, tone
状况 situation, status, condition, state, circumstance, tone


调好 tone
调准 tone

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