Sunday, June 6, 2021

460,000 Guangzhou residents under home quarantine to curb COVID-19 - 460,000 名廣州居民居家隔離以遏制 COVID-19


CGTN shows that about 460,000 residents living along Zhongnan street in south China's Guangzhou City are now quarantined at home after the street was declared a high-risk area and put under lockdown on June 1. In order to fulfill the residents' basic needs, local authorities have launched a mini app called "supply guarantee zone." In addition to food like rice, meat and vegetables, people can also purchase milk powder, diapers and other infant products online through the app. People with chronic diseases who need to buy specific drugs regularly can report to community staff members to get help. The city has registered a total of 77 infections as of Thursday, including 13 asymptomatic cases.


CGTN 顯示,6 月 1 日這條街被宣佈為高風險區並實施封鎖後,居住在華南廣州市終南街沿線的約 46 萬居民現在在家中隔離。為了滿足居民的基本需求,地方當局 推出了一款名為"供應保障區"的小程序。 除了米、肉、蔬菜等食品,人們還可以通過APP在線購買奶粉、紙尿褲等嬰幼兒用品。 需要定期購買特定藥物的慢性病患者可以向社區工作人員報告以獲得幫助。 截至週四,該市共記錄了 77 例感染病例,其中包括 13 例無症狀病例。

Useful Translations: 有用的翻譯:

resident 居民
street 街道
Guangzhou City 廣州市
quarantined 被隔離
high-risk 高風險
area 區域
lockdown 封鎖
local 當地的
supply 供應
zone 區
rice 白飯
meat 肉
vegetables 蔬菜
disease 疾病
community 社區
staff 職員
help 幫助
infection 感染
symptomatic 有症狀的
asymptomatic 無症狀的

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