Sunday, June 6, 2021

Migrating elephant herd travels through Chinese city 遷徙的大象群穿越中國城市


DW News shows that a herd of 15 strayed from a nature reserve in southwest China and they've now reached the outskirts of the major city of Kunming. Its being called the longest-distance migration of wild elephants ever recorded in China. Authorities are in a flurry trying to keep them away from populated areas. Wildlife experts are stumped as to where they are headed, and why.


據德國之聲報導,一群 15 只從中國西南部的自然保護區誤入歧途,現在已經到達了主要城市昆明的郊區。 它被稱為中國有史以來最長距離的野生大象遷徙。 當局正忙著讓他們遠離人口稠密地區。 野生動物專家對他們的去向以及原因感到困惑。

Useful Translations: 有用的翻譯

Useful 有用
Translations 翻譯
Animal 動物
Wild 荒野
Elephant 大象
Herd 放牧
Nature 自然
City 城市
Kunming 昆明
long distance 遠距離
migration 移民
authorities 當局
population 人口
Wildlife 野生動物
experts 專家


象 elephant, appearance, shape, jumbo
像 image, resemblance, elephant, likeness, appearance, similarity
埌 barren, wild, pleck, wasteland, wild land
一群 group, crowd, flock, herd, pack, swarm
群 group, herd, flock, crowd
牧人 pastoral, herdsman, pastor, herder, herd
噳 buck, drove, hart, herd, jack, stag
性質 nature, property, character, quality, characteristic, kind
自然 nature
性 sex, nature, character, gender, quality
本質 nature, essence, innate character, intrinsic quality, quiddity, inwardness
大自然 nature
自然界 nature
本性 nature, natural instincts, inherent quality, inwardness
天性 nature, natural instincts, inwardness
質 quality, substance, nature
性情 temperament, nature, disposition, temper, vein
性格 character, disposition, nature, temperament, makeup, mold
天 day, sky, God, heavens, weather, nature
意向 intention, intent, purpose, disposition, aim, nature
脾性 temperament, disposition, nature, habits and characteristics
市 city
城市 city, town
城 city, town, city wall
都市 city, metropolis
都會 city, metropolis
城鎮 town, city
城池 city
邑 city
埠 port, city, jetty
人口 population
移民 immigrant, emigrant, population, colonial, colon
距離 distance, removing
距 distance
路程 distance, journey, course, run, leg, tenor
遠方 distance
旅行 travel, journey, tour
旅遊 tourism, travel, tour, trip, journey
行程 stroke, travel, itinerary, route, throw
遊 tour, travel
旅 trip, brigade, travel, troops, force


野生 wild, undomesticated, uncultivated
野 wild, rough, undomesticated, uncultivated, rude, out of office
瘋狂 mad, wild, crazed, raving, bugs, batty
狂 mad, crazy, wild, violent, unrestrained
狂暴 violent, wild, frantic
荒涼 desolate, wild
猖獗 rampant, wild, unchecked
猖 wild, mad
瘋 crazy, mad, insane, wild
發瘋 mad, insane, wild, crazed, deranged, distracted
惛怓 passionate, restless, turbulent, uneasy, violent, wild
猖披 unrestrained, wild


狂 wild


放牧 graze, pasture, herd, range, stock, browse
距離 distance, be away from, be apart from
距 distance, be apart from, be away from
遊 tour, travel, journey, go, walk, wander
行駛 travel, ply
行 do, travel, walk, go
遨遊 travel, roam
遊歷 travel, tour, journey, voyage, trek
跋 travel, walk
遨 excursion, ramble, travel, make excursion
羇 travel, go on travels, voyage, wander
迋 scare, deceive, travel

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