Sunday, June 6, 2021

China says 'COVID Variant From India' Led To Resurgence In Guangzhou 中國稱“來自印度的新型冠狀病毒”導致廣州復甦


Calls are increasing for a fresh probe into the origin of COVID-19. Also, China is now blaming India after the mutant virus strain from India was reportedly found in 26 people in Guangzhou. While India battles the second wave of the pandemic, there has been increasing pressure on China from many countries, including the UK and the US, for the second phase of the COVID origin probe. As per a report published in the Chinese media Global Times, the presence of the virus strains from India was allegedly detected among people in Guangzhou City, which reportedly receives 90% of China's inbound international arrivals.

China blames "COVID strain from India" for the rise in virus cases in Guangzhou.


要求對 COVID-19 起源進行新調查的呼聲越來越高。 此外,據報導在廣州的 26 人中發現了來自印度的變異病毒株,中國現在指責印度。 在印度與第二波大流行作鬥爭的同時,包括英國和美國在內的許多國家對中國的第二階段 COVID 起源調查的壓力越來越大。 根據中國媒體《環球時報》發表的一篇報導,據稱在廣州市的人群中發現了來自印度的病毒株,據報導,廣州市接待了 90% 的中國入境國際遊客。


Useful Translations: 有用的翻譯:


鳥 bird
病毒 virus
細菌 bacterium, germ, virus
惡毒 malignity, gall, virus
病毒株 virus strain
病毒傳播 virus spread
流行性 epidemic
大流行病 pandemic

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