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Peng Kee Electric 鵬記電業

Peng Kee Electric 鵬記電業


冷藏 refrigeration
致冷 refrigeration
冰箱 refrigerator, fridge, freezer, icebox
電冰箱 refrigerator, fridge, freezer
空氣系統 air system
洗衣機 washing machine, washer
洗 wash
濯 wash, washing, laundry
澉 wash


洗 wash, shuffle, bathe, baptize, sack
洗滌 wash, rinse
清洗 clean, wash, purge, rinse, erase, comb out
沖洗 rinse, wash, develop
洗刷 wash, scrub, brush
滌 wash, cleanse
濯 wash, launder
淘 clean out, wash, cleanse, eliminate, tax
盥 wash, bathe
澉 wash
汰 clean, sift out, wash
澣 wash, clean, cleanse, launder, bathe, purify
糔 rinse, clean, wash
洴 bleach, wash


耐洗的 wash

Shaocheng Electric 紹成電器


電動 electric, electrical, motor-driven, power-driven
電氣 electric


電力 electricity, electric power
電 electricity, telegram


圖書館 library
鳥 bird
農場 farm

Chinese Air Systems 中國航空系統


修復 repair, restore, renovate
修理 repair, fix, mend
修 repair, build, trim, mend, study, construct
修補 repair, mend, revamp, patch up
補 make up, supplement, patch, repair, mend, supply
葺 repair, thatch, mend, cover a roof with straw
繕 repair, copy, mend, write down
收拾 pack, tidy, settle, repair, mend, put in order
續借 renew, renovate, redecorate, rebuild, refurbish, repair


脩理 repair


保險 insurance, safety, safe, assurance
保 insurance, protection, warranty, maintenance, guard, guaranty
保險費 insurance, insurance premium
保險業 insurance, underwriting
窗簾 drapes
百葉窗 shutters
屋頂 Roof
修理 Repair
安心 Peace of mind
安順 Anshun
平頂 Flat top
斜頂 Inclined top
翻新 Refurbish
屋頂 roof, housetop

安心 Peace of mind

安順 Anshun

平頂 Flat top

斜頂 Inclined top

翻新 Refurbish

Chinese Roofing and Waterproofing Company 中國屋面防水公司

Chinese Construction Advertisement 中國建築廣告

Chinese Roofing Company 中國屋面公司

Chinese House Building Company 中國房屋建築公司

Chinese House Building Ad 中國房屋建築廣告

Interesting Chinese House Building Ad 有趣的中國房屋建築廣告

Chinese Roof and Renovation Company 中國屋面裝修公司

Chinese Roof Building 中國屋頂建築

Chinese Graphics and Printing 中國圖文印刷

Chinese Charred Threadfin 中國燒焦線鰭

Chinese Duck Breast 中國鴨胸

Chinese Oyster 中國牡蠣

Chinese Steak Tart 中式牛排撻

Chinese Razor Clams 中國蟶子

Chinese Breads 中國麵包

Chinese Repairs 中國維修

Chinese Newspaper Advertisement 中文報紙廣告

Chinese Newspaper Information 中文報刊資訊

Chinese Home Services 華人家庭服務

Yujia Roofing Engineering Company 愉家屋頂工程公司

Chinese Home Advertisement 中國家居廣告

Chinese Building Materials 中國建材


foot 脚, 足, 英尺, 尺, 步兵, 趾
feet 呎
art 艺术, 美术, 艺, 术, 功夫, 埶
skill 技能, 技术, 技巧, 技, 技艺, 身手

屋頂 roof, housetop
頂板 roof, apical plate
爐頂 roof, arch
硬木 hardwood
硬材 hardwood
軟木 softwood
樓梯 stairs, staircase, stair, stairway
梯 ladder, step, stairs
階 step, rank, stairs
地板 floor
樓 floor, storied building
樓層 floor
層 layer, level, floor, storey, stratum
地面 ground, floor, surface
樓面 floor
安全 security, safety
保衛 defense, security, protection, ward, defence
安全性 safety, security
運動 movement, motion, sports, sport, campaign, move
戲 play, drama, show, theatrical, performance, sport
嬉戲 sport
嬉 play, amusement, sport


炫耀 show off, flaunt, display, sport, peacock
誇耀 show off, brag, flaunt, sport


打電話 phone, make a telephone call


電話 phone, telephone
音素 phoneme, phone
施工 construction
結構 structure, construction, architecture, fabric, composition, makeup
構造 structure, construction, configuration, constitution, formation, fabric
建立 creation, construction
解釋 explanation, interpretation, construction, understanding, exposition, rationale
建築 building, architecture, structure, edifice
大廈 building, mansion, edifice
建築物 building, structure, erection
房子 house, building
房 room, house, building, antrum
營造物 building
建築 building, architecture, structure, edifice
結構 structure, construction, architecture, fabric, composition, makeup
建築學 architecture
體系結構 architecture
房子 house, building
屋 house, room
住宅 housing, house, residence, dwelling, flat, tenement
房 room, house, building, antrum
屋子 room, house
館 shop, house, embassy, accommodation for guests, establishment, gloriette
舍 house, shed, residence, hut
居 residence, house
宅院 house
家務 housework, house, household duties
齋 house, lent diet, home
內 inside
裡面 inside, interior, seamy side
裡 inside, li, within, village, neighborhood, liner
表面 surface, face, appearance, exterior, external, outside
面 surface, face, side, aspect, top, outside
面子 face, reputation, prestige, outside, outer side
面兒 cover, face, outside, side, surface
地板 floor
樓 floor, storied building
樓層 floor
層 layer, level, floor, storey, stratum
地面 ground, floor, surface
樓面 floor


收容 house, accept
駐守 garrison, guard, defend, cover, fortify, house
駐防 garrison, guard, fortify, defend, house, protect
駐屯 garrison, house, quarter
駐紮 garrison, quarter, house
出租 rent, hire, lease, let
租 rent, hire, lease, charter, tenant, let out
租賃 lease, rent, hire
賃 rent, hire
包租 rent, rent land
僦 hire, rent
貰 borrow, rent, buy on credit

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