Sunday, June 6, 2021

China's space station transits over the sun 中國空間站穿越太陽


CGTN shows that a space enthusiast caught China's space station on camera as it transited over the sun, making it appear like a small airplane. The moment, which lasted for 0.5 seconds, was captured at around noon Beijing time.


CGTN 顯示,一位太空愛好者用相機捕捉到了中國空間站在太陽上空的過程,使它看起來像一架小型飛機。 這一持續0.5秒的瞬間被捕捉到了北京時間中午左右。

Useful Translations: 有用的翻譯:


飛機 aircraft, airplane, plain, aeroplane
機 machine, aircraft, engine, plane, opportunity, chance
班機 airliner, plane, airplane, regular air service
飛艇 airship, aircraft, plane, airplane
空間站 space station
太陽 sun, sunshine
陽 sun, male genitals, south of a hill, north of a river
空間 space, room, void, airspace, interspace, vacuum
間隙 gap, space, interval
場地 site, space, place
間距 spacing, space
篇幅 space, length
空地 space, clearing, area, vacancy, lung
飛船 spaceship, airship, vehicle, dirigible, aeroboat
宇宙飛船 spacecraft, spaceship
會員 member
成員 member
構件 member, component, part
員 member, person
團員 member
分子 molecule, elements, numerator, member
貨物 goods, cargo, freight, merchandise, commodity
船貨 cargo
部件 part, component, unit, assembly
元件 element, component, cell
構件 member, component, part
組成 composition, component, element, part
分枝 branch, branching, bifurcation, component


宇宙的 cosmic, cosmical, mundane, space
自動 automatic, voluntary
組成的 component


剪掉 dock
靠碼頭 dock
入塢 dock
曬 sun, bask, dry in the sun, shine upon
曝 sun, air

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