Friday, February 26, 2021

Chinese Calligraphy Strokes 中国书法笔画

Chinese Calligraphy Strokes 中国书法笔画

打字 typewriting
手寫 handwriting
書法 calligraphy, penmanship
筆跡 hand, penmanship, person's handwriting
墨寶 calligraphy
字 word, character, letter, calligraphy, symbol, style of writing
象形文字 hieroglyph
寫 write, pen, draw, compose, pencil, describe
編寫 write, compile, compose
撰寫 write, compose
書寫 write
填寫 fill in, write
創作 create, write, produce, frame
執筆 write
編 compile, edit, arrange, weave, write, make up
書 write
筆 write, compose
填 fill, fill in, write, stuff
作文 write
編撰 compile, write
泐 write
著 wear, touch, suffer, show, make known, write
編著 compile, write
繪製 draw, draft, draught
繪圖 draw, draft, illustrate, draught
畫 draw, picture, paint, depict, pencil, describe
吸引 attract, draw, fascinate
牽引 draw, drag, tow
吸取 draw, absorb, assimilate
拉 pull, draw, drag, haul, pluck, lug
劃 draw, stroke, row, pull, divide, mark off
平 draw, tie, make the same score, put down, suppress
提取 extract, draw, abstract, pick up, collect, recover
抽 pump, draw, take out, draw out, shrink, pick out
平局 (noun) draw, tie


行程 stroke, travel, itinerary, route, throw
衝程 stroke
筆 pen, pencil, stroke, writing brush, touch, technique of calligraphy
筆鋒 stroke, touch, tip of a writing brush, vigor of style in writing
撫 stroke
摩挲 caress, stroke
摩 rub, stroke, scrape


劃 draw, stroke, row, pull, divide, mark off
捋 stroke, strip cow, strip leaves
摩挲 caress, stroke
摸 touch, feel, find out, stroke, grope, feel with the hand
摩 rub, stroke, scrape
積存 stockpile, store up, reserve, lay up, stock up, stroke
嘉 praise, commend, glorify, stroke, talk up, compliment
積儲 store up, lay up, buy in, reserve, stock up, stroke

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