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Chinese Outcome of Thinking 中国人的思想成果

Chinese Outcome of Thinking 中国人的思想成果

Pinyin: wǒ tóng yì。
I agree.

Chinese translation of 'I agree with what you say'
I agree with what you say
我同意你说(說)的观(觀)点(點) (wǒ tóngyì nǐ shuō de guāndiǎn)

同意 agree, consent, approve, concur, assent
商定 agree, decide through consultation
答应 promise, agree, answer, comply with, respond, reply
承认 recognize, admit, acknowledge, confess, accept, agree
符合 conform, accord, correspond, agree, be in line with, tally
相符 correspond, conform, agree, tally
承诺 promise, commit, consent, agree, accept, undertake to do
契合 agree, correspond
肯 be willing, agree, consent, be ready
合意 accord, agree, suit, befit, satisfy, gratify
契 agree
订 order, subscribe, draw up, staple, revise, agree
应承 promise, agree, undertake, pledge, consent, comply
订立 conclude, agree
相投 agree
相约 make an appointment, agree
说定 settle, agree
应诺 swear, promise, agree, pledge, guarantee, assure
合 close, fit, shut, suit, join, agree
顺当 agree, get on, be on good terms

意见 opinion, view, suggestion, observation, idea, say
见 view, opinion
看法 view, opinion, say
见解 opinion, view, say
想法 idea, opinion, belief, view
臆 chest, thought, opinion, feeling
意思 meaning, sense, fun, interest, connotation, opinion

满意 satisfied, pleased
满 filled, satisfied, packed, complacent
饱 full, satisfied, plump
惬 satisfied, cheerful
安 safe, secure, quiet, calm, satisfied, content
恹 contented, relaxed, happy, peaceable, peaceful, satisfied
怿 pleased, happy, content, delighted, satisfied
逌 blissful, content, contented, distant, faraway, satisfied
感到满意的 satisfied

结果 result, outcome, consequence, effect, consequent, upshot
产物 product, result, outcome
松 pine, looseness, debility, friability, outcome, weakness

心理 psychological, mental, psychologic
智力的 mental
精神病的人 mental

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