Friday, February 26, 2021

Chinese Words with "Know" 中文單詞 "知道"

Chinese Words with "Know" 中文單詞 "知道"


知道 know, be aware of, be conscious of, savvy, be wise to, wise up
認識 know, recognize, acquaint, be familiar, be acquainted with
知 know, notify, inform, be aware of, be in charge of
懂得 know, understand, comprehend
曉得 know
懂 understand, know
識 know, record, write a footnote
了 know, finish, understand, settle, dispose of
知悉 know, learn
認 recognize, identify, know, admit, adopt, own
曉 know, tell, be familiar
悉 know, learn, be informed of
明 understand, know
諗 consult, know, advise, be aware of, urge
審 examine, try, interrogate, be aware of, go over, know
通 communicate, connect, notify, lead to, open up, know
學習 learn, study, be taught, be trained, gain knowledge, prep
學 learn, study, imitate
學會 learn, master, study, be taught, be trained, become skilled at
得知 learn, find out, learn of
記住 remember, keep in mind, bear in mind, learn, commit to memory, learn by heart
知悉 know, learn
讀 read, study, learn, attend school
讀書 study, read, learn, attend school
悉 know, learn, be informed of
樹立 adopt, acquire, assert, maintain, form, learn
探悉 ascertain, find out, learn


知識 knowledge, information, lore, epistemology, reading
認識 understanding, knowledge, cognition
知道 knowledge, awareness
識 knowledge
學問 knowledge, learning, scholarship, wisdom, education, erudition
見識 experience, knowledge, sensibleness
智慧 wisdom, knowledge
學 school, learning, knowledge, college, branch of learning, subject of study
見聞 knowledge, information, what one sees and hears
學術 scholarship, learning, science, knowledge, education, discipline
智 wisdom, knowledge
學力 knowledge, academic attainments

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