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Chinese Words with "Heart" 單詞"心"的漢語單詞

Chinese Words with "Heart"  單詞"心"的漢語單詞


心 heart, center, core, feeling, thinking, bosom
心臟 heart
中心 center, heart, hub, core, centre
內心 heart, innermost being, bosom, inner center
心靈 soul, heart, spirit
德 moral, virtue, morality, heart, morals, kindness
胸懷 mind, heart
胸 chest, thorax, bosom, heart, mind
懷 bosom, heart
靈魂 soul, spirit, ghost, anima, atman, pneuma
魂 soul, spirit, mood, the lofty spirit of a nation
心靈 soul, heart, spirit
魄 soul, spirit, vigor, vigour


快樂 happy, joyful, cheerful
高興 happy, glad
倖福 happy
幸福 happy, blessed
愉快 happy, pleasant, delightful, cheerful, pleasing, delighted
歡樂 happy, joyous
樂 happy, glad, amused, cheerful
美滿 happy
快活 happy, merry, cheerful
美好 fine, happy, glorious
痛快 happy, straightforward, jolly, joyful, forthright, simple and direct
喜 happy, pleased, delighted
欣喜 happy, joyful
喜悅 happy, joyful, joyous
歡 happy, joyous, pleased
甜蜜 sweet, happy
快 fast, quick, rapid, swift, sharp, happy
悅 pleased, happy, delighted
欣 glad, happy
訢 happy
怡 happy, joyful, pleased
陶陶 happy
暢 smooth, free, fluent, unimpeded, joyful, happy
有福氣 blessed, happy
忻 happy, fortunate, lucky
懌 pleased, happy, content, delighted, satisfied
陶 happy, contented
懨 contented, relaxed, happy, peaceable, peaceful, pleased
姁 jolly, cheery, happy, cheerful, joyful, merry
逌 blissful, content, contented, distant, faraway, happy
哿 excellent, happy
咍 happy
邴 happy


關心 concern, care, interest, be concerned about, regard, think
關懷 care, show concern
在乎 care, mind, rest, lie in, take to heart
在意 care, mind, notice, take to heart
看護 care, nurse, look after
注意 note, pay attention, notice, care, look, heed
關照 care, take care of, look after, keep an eye on, notify
保管 keep, care, take care of, manage, guarantee, vouch
牽挂 care, worry
當心 be careful, care, look out
養育 raise, care, foster, bring up, rear, cultivate
留心 care, look, be careful

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