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Chinese Musical Instruments 中国乐器

Chinese Musical Instruments 中国乐器

Silk 絲
Silk instruments are mostly stringed instruments. Since ancient times, the Chinese have used twisted silk for strings. (Today metal or nylon are more frequently used).

二胡 Erhu - two-stringed violin.
中胡 Zhonghu - two-stringed violin, lower pitch than Erhu.
Daguangxian 大广弦 - a two-stringed violin, used in Taiwan and Fujian, primarily min Nan and Hakka people, also known as datongxian 大筒弦, year 广弦, and daguanxian 大管弦.
角胡 Jiaohu - two-stringed violin, used Gelao people of Guangxi and the Miao and Dong.
二弦 Erxian - two-stringed violin used in Cantonese, Chaozhou, and Nanguan music.
Huting 胡琴 - family of vertical fiddles.
Huluhu simplified Chinese: 葫芦胡, traditional Chinese: 葫盧胡 a two-stringed violin with pumpkin body used by the Zhuang of Guangxi province.
Municipality 土胡 - a two-stringed violin, used by the Zhuang people of Guangxi.
Tiexianzai 鐵弦仔 - a two-stringed violin with a metal amplifying horn at the end of its neck, used in Taiwan, also called guchuixian 鼓吹弦.
和弦 Hexian - large fiddle used primarily among the attractions of Taiwan.
提琴 Tiqin - two-stringed violin, used in countuy, Chaozhou, Cantonese, Fujian and Taiwan music.
Kezaixian 壳仔弦 - a two-stringed fiddles with coconut body, used in Taiwan Opera.
Khushtar 胡西它尔 is a four-stringed bowed instrument used in traditional music of the Uyghur of Xinjiang.
Datong 大筒 - a two-stringed violin, used in the traditional music of Hunan.
京二胡 Jing Erhu - Erhu used in Beijing Opera.
京胡 jinghu - two-stringed violin, very high pitched, used mainly for Beijing Opera.
三胡 Sanhu - 3-stringed Erhu with optional string bass guitar, designed in the 1970s.
Maguhu simplified Chinese: 马骨胡, traditional Chinese: 馬骨胡, Pinyin: mǎgǔhu - a two-stringed violin with horse bone body used by the Zhuang and Buje of the peoples of South China.

革 leather

Doug 大鼓 large drum played with two sticks.
Huapengu 花盆鼓 pot-in the shape of a large drum played with two sticks, also called ganggu 缸鼓.
Bolang GU 波浪鼓;Pinyin: Bo GU LAN is a traditional Chinese pellet drum and toy.
Jiangu 建鼓
Zhangu 战鼓 or 戰鼓 - war drum played with two sticks.
搏拊 bofu - ancient drum used to set tempo.
Huzuo Wujia GU 虎座鳥架鼓.
扁鼓 Biangu - flat drum, played with sticks.
Jiegu 羯鼓 drum shaped like an hourglass used during the Tang dynasty.
Biqigu 荸荠鼓 is a very small drum played with one stick used to sit Jiangnan.
堂鼓 Tanga - the middle drum is played with two sticks, also called Tung in 同鼓 or 小鼓 xiaogu.
八角鼓 Bajiao GU - octagonal tambourine used primarily in narrative singing from Northern China, J.:八角鼓.
Yaogu 腰鼓 - waist drum.
花鼓 Huagu - flower drum.
鼗 Tao, Pinyin: Tao or taogu 鼗鼓 - the roll of the drum used in ritual music.
Diangu 点鼓, also called huaigu, 怀鼓 - headed drum played with a wooden beater, used in Shifangu ensemble music of Jiangsu province and escort you to the Kunqu Opera.