Saturday, December 11, 2021

Chinese Words With 國 ( Guó )

Chinese Grammar 汉语语法

Chinese Words With 國 ( Guó )

Simplified - Traditional - Pinyin - Meaning

guai1 to slap
guo1 gurgling sound
guo1 cyrtophyllus sp.
guo2 hollow

国家 guo2jia1 country
国际 guo2ji4 international
国内 guo2nei4 domestic
国立 guo2li4 state-run
国民党 guo2min2dang3 Kuomintang
国外 guo2wai4 referring to other countries
国民 guo2min2 national
国务院 guo2wu4yuan4 foreign relations bureau of a government
国会 guo2hui4 parliament
国防 guo2fang2 national defence
国王 guo2wang2 king
中国 zhong1guo2 China
我国 wo3guo2 referring to one's country
美国 mei3guo2 USA
全国 quan2guo2 nationwide
英国 ying1guo2 England
外国 wai4guo2 foreign country
法国 fa3guo2 France
德国 de2guo2 Germany
祖国 zu3guo2 motherland
俄国 e2guo2 Russia
本国 ben3guo2 ones own country
共和国 gong4he2guo2 republic
联合国 lian2he2guo2 United Nations
成员国 cheng2yuan2guo2 member country
工业国 gong1ye4guo2 industrialized country
新中国 xin1zhong1guo2 new China
独立国 du2li4guo2 independent state
同盟国 tong2meng2guo2 confederation
小人国 xiao3ren2guo2 Lilliput
理想国 li3xiang3guo2 Utopia
大公国 da4gong1guo2 archduchy
满州国 man3zhou1guo2 manchukuo


country 国家, 国, 乡村, 我国, 国度, 乡下
state 州, 国, 态, 状况, 邦, 境界
nation 国家, 民族, 国, 国度, 邦


national 国民, 国, 国立, 全国性, 民族的

Some Example Sentences with 国 :

The martyr laid down his life for the country.

Do the people of your country eat rice?

He is the prime minister of this country.

That country has a severe climate.

Her services to the state have been immense.

Such people are the backbone of the country.

The union between the two countries was effected 3 years ago.

Then there is the issue of visas: What country visa do we need?

But both countries, like all others in Europe, have the right to choose their own friends.

Compared with the long-standing friendship between the two countries, their boundary dispute is only an issue of a temporary and limited nature.

The relations between the 2 countries have shown some improvement.

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