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Chinese Words With 現 ( Xiàn )

Chinese Grammar 汉语语法

Chinese Words With 現 ( Xiàn )

Chinese - Pinyin - Meaning

现在 xian4zai4 now
现象 xian4xiang4 phenomenon
现代 xian4dai4 modern era
现实 xian4shi2 realistic
现代化 xian4dai4hua4 modernization
现有 xian4you3 to have on hand
现场 xian4chang3 live scene
现况 xian4kuang4 current situation
现行 xian4xing2 present
现金 xian4jin1 cash
现状 xian4zhuang4 current situation
表现 biao3xian4 manifestation
出现 chu1xian4 to appear
实现 shi2xian4 to realize
发现 fa1xian4 to discover
体现 ti3xian4 to realize
呈现 cheng2xian4 to appear
涌现 yong3xian4 spring up
显现 xian3xian4 appearance
展现 zhan3xian4 to show
重现 chong2xian4 to reappear
兑现 dui4xian4 make good
再出现 zai4chu1xian4 reappear
被发现 jia3jie4fa3 to be discovered

Translations of 現 :


current 当前, 现在, 现, 现时, 本届, 当今
present 当前, 现在, 现, 当今, 今, 这次
existing 现有, 现
extempore 偶然, 现


cash 现金, 现款, 现, 钱, 款, 头寸


appear 出现, 似乎, 呈现, 显现, 现, 显
show 显示, 表明, 表示, 演出, 表现, 示

Useful Example Sentences:

And, whenever possible, DO NOT carry your ID and your cash in the same wallet.

If this option is omitted, the analysis results will be printed to the console.

He improvised a poem at the evening party.

Some of their most loyal members have now fallen off.

Translations of "now":


现在 now, nowadays, at present
如今 now, nowadays
今 now, today
现时 now, at present
此时 now, this moment
此刻 now
眼下 now, at the moment, at present
今天 today, now, at the present day, specifically
现今 now, nowadays, these days
而今 now, at the present day
当今 nowadays, now
今朝 now, at the present day
这 now
眼前 now, at the moment, before one's eyes
于是 then, thus, and then, hence, thereupon, now
刻下 now, at the moment, at present
此 here, now
眼底下 right before one's eyes, at the moment, now, at present
在眼前 now, at the present day


现在 now, nowadays


既然 since, as, now

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