Saturday, December 11, 2021

Chinese Words With 笑 ( Xiào )

Chinese Grammar 汉语语法

Chinese Words With 笑 ( Xiào )

Simplified - Traditional - Pinyin - Meaning

笑话 xiao4hua4 joke
笑容 xiao4rong2 smile
笑林 xiao4lin2 Jokes
笑眯眯 xiao4mi1mi1 deaming
笑声 xiao4sheng1 laughter
笑柄 xiao4bing3 laughingstock
笑起来 xiao4qi3lai2 to laugh
笑料 xiao4liao4 jape
笑剧 xiao4ju4 mime
微笑 wei1xiao4 smile
可笑 ke3xiao4 laughable
嘲笑 chao2xiao4 jeer
冷笑 leng3xiao4 razz
说笑 shuo1xiao4 josh
玩笑 wan2xiao4 joke
好笑 hao3xiao4 comicality
讥笑 ji1xiao4 bemock
取笑 qu3xiao4 tease
大笑 da4xiao4 yock
狞笑 ning2xiao4 fleer
开玩笑 kai1wan2xiao4 to joke
咯咯笑 ge1ge1xiao4 chuckle
泪与笑 wa3kuai4 tears and laughter


laugh 笑, 嘻, 乐
laughing 笑, 笑声, 哈
smile 微笑, 笑
laughter 笑声, 笑, 哈


laugh 笑, 嘲笑, 嗤笑, 嗤, 嘻, 乐
smile 微笑, 笑, 莞尔, 莞, 哂
snicker 暗笑, 笑
sneer 冷笑, 嘲笑, 微笑, 笑, 诮, 谯


nitrous 笑

Interesting Example Sentences:

How dare you laugh at me!

She coaxed a smile from the baby.

Russians never smile.

This makes me laugh to death!

Don't laugh at him for making a mistake.

I don't know whether to cry or to laugh.

We all laughed.

And she laughed.

This time the boy laughed at them.

She then smiled.

Whenever I think about this, I smile.

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