Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Sad Truth Behind Animals Sent To Space 被送往太空的動物背後的悲傷真相

Sad Truth Behind Animals Sent To Space is really interesting.

Many animals have been sent to outer space. As well as the fruit flies and Laika, since the 1940s, a variety of animals have been sent into space including various ants, cats, frogs, and even jellyfish. To date, a total of 32 monkeys have flown in outer space. These species include rhesus macaques, squirrel monkeys and pig-tailed monkeys. Chimpanzees have also flown, it seems.

Félicette (the only cat to have ever survived a temporary trip into space) is now being recognized for her extraterrestrial achievements in the form of a bronze statue at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France. The space cat was part of a 15-minute suborbital mission in 1963.

Various animals died in outer space. According to Animals In Space by Colin Burgess and Chris Dubbs, the Soviet Union launched dogs into flight 71 times between 1951 and 1966, with 17 deaths. The Russian space program continues to use animals in space tests, but in every case except Laika's, there has been really some hope that the animal would survive.

Animals in space originally served to test the important survivability of spaceflight, before human spaceflights were attempted. Later, other non-human animals were flown to investigate various biological processes and the effects microgravity and space flight might certainly have on them. Bioastronautics is an area of bioengineering research which spans the study and support of life in space. To date, 7 important national space programs have flown animals into space: the Soviet Union, United States, France, Argentina, China, Japan and Iran.



許多動物已被送往外太空。除了果蠅和萊卡,自 1940 年代以來,各種動物被送入太空,包括各種螞蟻、貓、青蛙,甚至水母。迄今為止,共有32隻猴子在外太空飛行。這些物種包括恒河猴、松鼠猴和豬尾猴。黑猩猩似乎也飛了起來。

Félicette(唯一在一次臨時太空旅行中倖存下來的貓)現在因其在法國斯特拉斯堡國際太空大學的青銅雕像形式的外星成就而受到認可。太空貓是 1963 年 15 分鐘亞軌道任務的一部分。

各種動物在外太空死亡。根據科林·伯吉斯 (Colin Burgess) 和克里斯·杜布斯 (Chris Dubbs) 的《太空動物》(Animals In Space),蘇聯在 1951 年至 1966 年間將狗送入飛行 71 次,其中 17 人死亡。俄羅斯太空計劃繼續在太空測試中使用動物,但除了萊卡之外,在所有情況下,動物都能存活下來確實有一些希望。

在人類嘗試進行太空飛行之前,太空中的動物最初用於測試太空飛行的重要生存能力。後來,其他非人類動物被飛來研究各種生物過程,以及微重力和太空飛行肯定會對它們產生的影響。生物航天是生物工程研究的一個領域,它涵蓋了對太空生命的研究和支持。迄今為止,7 個重要的國家太空計劃已將動物送入太空:蘇聯、美國、法國、阿根廷、中國、日本和伊朗。

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