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Chinese Words With 身 ( Shēn )

Chinese Grammar 汉语语法

Chinese Words With 身 ( Shēn )

Chinese Simp - Trad - Pinyin - Meaning

duo3 avoid
gong1 oneself
qu1 human body
she4 shoot
tang3 to recline
yu4 vitality

Chinese Words Starting with 身 :

身体 shen1ti3 health
身边 shen1bian1 side
身子 shen1zi5 one's body
身份 shen1fen4 status
身心 shen1xin1 body and mind
身为 shen1wei2 to be identified as
身材 shen1cai2 body
身分 shen1fen4 rank
身分证 shen1fen4zheng4 ID
身高 shen1gao1 (a person's) height
身影 shen1ying3 shadow

Chinese words containing 身 :

本身 ben3shen1 itself
自身 zi4shen1 itself
出身 chu1shen1 class origin
全身 quan2shen1 entire body
人身 ren2shen1 human body
转身 zhuan3shen1 (of a person) to turn round
动身 dong4shen1 leave (for a distant place)
一身 yi4shen1 from head to foot
起身 qi3shen1 Start
终身 zhong1shen1 lifelong
浑身 hun2shen1 entire body
下半身 xia4ban4shen1 lower half of one's body
它本身 ta1ben3shen1 itself

Some Other Ones:

𥨪 𥨪
𪋧 𪋧 鹿

More Words:

身体 shēntǐ the body; one's health; in person
身边 shēnbiān at one's side; on hand
身份 shēnfèn identity; aspect of one's identity
身材 shēncái stature; build (height and weight); figure
身子 shēnzi body; pregnancy; health  
动身 dòngshēn to go on a journey; to leave
全身 quánshēn whole body; em (typography)
自身 zìshēn itself; oneself; one's own
本身 běnshēn itself; in itself; per se
终身 zhōngshēn lifelong; all one's life; marriage

Useful Example Sentences:

A great responsibility lies on his shoulders.

He was charged with a secret mission.

Fling dirt enough and some will stick.

He called down a blessing on his head.

I'm shaking like a leaf.

His health collapsed under the pressure of work.

I think of him, how he was dressed, what he said to me, and I am happy.

If she and her husband are travelling or are stuck at their desks, there is someone else to feed their kids and read to them.

And that's why we wanted to come again but not only as travelers but in order to do something.

I told her, "I like your dress, " and she turned around to smile.

He turned over in bed and fell asleep again.

Translations of 身 :


body 体, 身体, 机身, 身, 物体, 机关
person 人, 人士, 者, 人身, 员, 身
life 生活, 生命, 寿命, 人生, 命, 身
torso 躯干, 胴, 身

Auxiliary verb:

measure word for clothes 身

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