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Chinese Words With 事 ( Shì )

Chinese Grammar 汉语语法

Chinese Words With 事 ( Shì )

Chinese Simp - Trad - Pinyin - Meaning

zi4 stab
zi4 plant on the ground

事业 shi4ye4 career
事物 shi4wu4 business
事情 shi4qing5 matter
事实 shi4shi2 truth
事件 shi4jian4 happening
事务 shi4wu4 affair
事实上 shi4shi2shang4 the truth is
事故 shi4gu4 accident
事项 shi4xiang4 items
事儿 shi4er5 thing
事先 shi4xian1 before(hand)
军事 jun1shi4 military
从事 cong2shi4 to handle
故事 gu4shi4 story
刑事 xing2shi4 punishment
当事人 dang1shi4ren2 the party concerned
大事 da4shi4 a major event
办事 ban4shi4 to handle affairs
理事 li3shi4 syndic
民事 min2shi4 civil matters
理事会 li3shi4hui4 meeting
领事 ling3shi4 embassy
总干事 zong3gan1shi4 overall administrator
总领事 zong3ling3shi4 general consul
两码事 liang3ma3shi4 two completely separate things
每件事 mei3jian4shi4 Everything
讲故事 jiang3gu4shi4 taletelling
非军事 fei1jun1shi4 unmilitary
苦差事 ku3chi3shi4 drudgery
大好事 da4hao3shi4 great thing
管闲事 guan3xian2shi4 kibitz
女执事 nv3zhi2shi4 deaconess
做笨事 zuo4ben4shi4 footle

事情 shìqing affair; matter; thing; business
事件 shìjiàn event; happening; incident
事业 shìyè undertaking; project; activity; (charitable, political or revolutionary) cause; publicly funded institution, enterprise or foundation; career; occupation
事实 shìshí fact
事先 shìxiān in advance; before the event; beforehand; prior 
军事 jūnshì military affairs; military matters; military
从事 cóngshì to go for; to engage in; to undertake; to deal with; to handle; to do
办事 bànshì to handle (affairs); to work
做事 zuòshì to work; to handle matters; to have a job
没事 méishì it's not important; it's nothing; never mind; to have nothing to do; to be free; to be all right (out of danger or trouble)

Great Useful Example Sentences:

Don't talk about such a thing.

This matter is of great importance.

I don't go in for that sort of thing.

The matter is of no importance.

I am not concerned with this affair.

This is a matter of capital importance.

Let them do it at once.

When off duty I can do my private work.

They tied the matter up at the meeting.

How dared they do such a thing?

This matter concerns all of us.

Translations of 事 :


thing 事情, 东西, 事, 物, 事物, 事儿
matter 物, 问题, 事项, 事, 事情, 课题
business 商业, 业务, 商, 生意, 业, 事
affair 事务, 事情, 事, 务, 勾
job 工作, 岗位, 业, 饭碗, 事, 劳工
accident 事故, 意外, 不测, 事, 变故, 闪失
trouble 麻烦, 问题, 烦恼, 困难, 患难, 事
involvement 波及, 事
responsibility 责任, 责, 义务, 负责任, 任, 事


work 工作, 做工, 做事, 办事, 活, 事
serve 服务, 服侍, 服, 服役, 帮助, 事
be engaged 订婚, 事, 务, 从
wait upon 侍候, 服侍, 侍, 招待, 事, 奉
wait on 侍候, 服侍, 招待, 侍, 奉, 事

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