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Chinese Words With 於 ( Yú )

Chinese Grammar 汉语语法

Chinese Words With 於 ( Yú )

Chinese Simp - Trad - Pinyin - Meaning

e4 first wives of xiong-nu chiefs
yan1 tobacco
yu1 hematoma
yu1 silt

于是 yu2shi4 thereupon
于此 yu2ci3 hereat
于下周 yi4ju1 next week
属于 shu3yu2 belongs to
处于 chu3yu2 to be located in
便于 bian4yu2 conveniently
大于 da4yu2 greater than
关于 guan1yu2 regarding
由于 you2yu2 as a result of
对于 dui4yu2 regarding
高于 gao1yu2 Top
过于 guo4yu2 too much
至于 zhi4yu2 go so far as to
等于零 deng3yu2ling2 amount to nothing
不至于 bu2zhi4yu2 be unlikely
甚至于 shen4zhi4yu2 even (to the extent that)
有助于 you3zhu4yu2 contribute to
以至于 yi3zhi4yu2 As
仅次于 jin3ci4yu2 second only to...
致力于 zhi4li4yu2 to strive for
适用于 shi4yong4yu2 is appropriate for
相当于 xiang1dang1yu2 to be equivalent to
服务于 fu2wu4yu2 to serve as
取决于 qu3jue2yu2 to be up to
不属于 bu4shu3yu2 do not count as

Translations of 於 :


in 在, 中, 于, 里, 其中, 里边
to 于, 至, 对, 向, 给, 往
on 上, 关于, 于, 就, 上面, 上边
for 对于, 为, 于, 供, 给, 替
at 在, 于, 对, 当, 靠, 靠近
of 的, 于
with regard to 关于, 对于, 于
in regard to 关于, 对于, 于
regarding 关于, 对于, 于


when 于, 等

Useful Interesting Example Sentences:

John was tired from working overtime.

She's good at getting around rules.

Pity is often akin to love.

He is enslaved by love.

The rains come in September.

He graduated from History Department.

He always repairs to his friends when he has trouble.

All the characters in the film are drawn from life.

Of what family is he from?

Betake yourself to your studies.

I want to interest you in our new project.

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