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Chinese Words With 微 ( Wēi )

Chinese Grammar 汉语语法

Chinese Words With 微 ( Wēi )

Simplified - Traditional - Pinyin - Meaning

hui1 insignia
mei2 enzyme
qi3 how can it be that
wei2 drizzle (variant) valley (variant) mold
wei2 Osmunda regalis

zheng1 note in Chinese musical scale


微生 wei1sheng1 microbe
微笑 wei1xiao4 smile
微软 wei2ruan3 Microsoft
微粒 wei1li4 particles
微米 wei1mi3 micron
微小 wei1xiao3 small
微微 wei1wei1 pico
微弱 wei1ruo4 feebleness
微波 wei1bo1 microwave
微量 wei1liang4 minim
微观 wei1guan1 micro

稍微 shao1wei1 a little bit
微微 wei1wei1 pico
显微镜 xian3wei1jing4 microscope
轻微 qing1wei2 slight
细微 xi4wei1 imperceptibility
略微 lue:4wei2 appreciably
些微 xie1wei1 slightness
毫微米 hao2wei1mi3 millimicron
低微 di1wei1 insignificancy
衰微 shuai1wei1 labefaction
卑微 bei1wei1 petty and low
超显微 chao1xian3wei1 submicroscopic

Translations and Meanings of 微 :


micro- 微


tiny 小, 微型, 细小, 小小的, 微, 微细
minute 微, 微型, 细腻, 眇, 纤, 蝇头
miniature 微型, 微, 蝇头, 蕞, 详, 蕞尔
diminutive 微型, 謏, 微, 蝇头
ultratelescopic 微


one millionth part 微
微笑 wēixiào smile; to smile
微小 wēixiǎo minute (i.e. extremely small); infinitesimal
微观 wēiguān micro-; subatomic
微弱 wēiruò weak; faint; feeble
微不足道 wēi bùzúdào negligible; insignificant

稍微 shāowēi a little bit
略微 lüèwēi a little bit; slightly
低微 dīwēi meager (wages); humble (social status); feeble (voice)
入微 rùwēi down to the smallest detail; thoroughgoing; fine and detailed
卑微 bēiwēi lowly; humble

Interesting Example Sentences:

Only a very delicate thermometer can measure such tiny changes in temperature.

I brought you back a small present. It's a mere nothing but I hope you like it.

A tiny particle of meteoric dust, especially one of many that fall to the surface of the earth or moon.

Mike smiled.

The professor smiled.

She can not help smiling.

Now, more than ever, people need to know how to feed themselves on a tiny budget.

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Now look at these microformats in more detail to see how to implement them in your code.

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