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Car 車


汽車 car, automobile, auto
車 car, vehicle, lathe, rook, machine, castle
轎車 car, bus
車輛 vehicle, car
車廂 car


食品 food, foodstuff, grocery, provisions
食物 food, meat, eating, eatables
糧食 food, grain, commissariat, provision, foodstuff, cereals
食 food, eclipse, meal
糧 grain, food, provisions
餐 meal, food
飯 rice, meal, food, cooked rice, cuisine
膳食 meal, food
食糧 food, grain
營養品 food, nourishment, diet, sustenance
饌 food, comestible, meal, delicacy, chow, dainty
饋 food
粻 chow, comestible, food, meal, victual, white cooked rice
篹 chow, victual, comestible, dainty, delicate, food


This is an interesting character - Radical 饣 ("Eat", "Food")


饣 is used as a left Chinese radical. Its meaning is "food" or "eat." The productive phonetic is shí (shi2).

饣 is simplified from 食. The pictogram of the traditional form looks like an inverted mouth over a bowl of food (probably rice) on a stand. The current form is 人 + 良 but the lower part is more likely to be related to 皀 rather than to 艮.

In the standard Chinese Kangxi Dictionary, more than 400 characters are found under this radical. In combination with other characters, they certainly produce lots of food-related words.

早饭  zǎo fàn  breakfast 
吃晚饭  chī wǎn fàn  to have dinner 
饭馆  fàn guǎn  restaurant 
旅馆  lǚ guǎn  hotel 
我太饿了! wǒ tài è le  I am so hungry! 
他很馋。 tā hěn chán  He is gluttonous. 
月饼  yuè bǐng  moon cake
肉馅儿  ròu xiànr  meat filling 

A popular Chinese traditional dish is called 饺子  jiǎozi  dumplings.

Beijing duck 北京烤鴨

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