Thursday, July 15, 2021

Towel 巾

The character 巾 looks like a piece of cloth hanging off of a loom.

towel 毛巾, 巾, 帨

毛巾 towel
巾 towel
帨 handkerchief, towel


A towel is certainly a piece of absorbent fabric or paper used for drying or wiping a body or a surface. It draws moisture through direct contact.

In households, several types of fabric towels are used, including hand towels, bath towels, Bathrobes and kitchen towels. At the beach, people use beach towels.

Paper towels are provided in commercial or office bathrooms via a dispenser for users to dry their hands. In households they are used for certain minor, precision, or particularly dirty jobs of wiping, cleaning, and drying.


毛巾當然是一塊吸水織物或紙,用於乾燥或擦拭身體或表面。 它通過直接接觸吸收水分。

在家庭中,使用幾種類型的織物毛巾,包括手巾、浴巾、浴袍和廚房毛巾。 在海灘上,人們使用沙灘巾。

商業或辦公室浴室通過分配器提供紙巾,供用戶擦手。 在家庭中,它們被用於擦拭、清潔和乾燥等一些次要的、精密的或特別臟的工作。

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