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Chinese Words Containing 心

Chinese Words Containing 心

The Chinese words containing "心" are somehow related to thought, heart or soul.

Some common words starting with 心:

Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency

心里 xin1li3 heart rank red
心理 xin1li3 psychological rank red
心情 xin1qing2 mood rank red
心理学 xin1li3xue2 psychology rank red
心中 xin1zhong1 heart rank red
心灵 xin1ling2 spirit rank orange
心脏 xin1zang4 heart rank orange
心事 xin1shi4 heart rank orange
心目 xin1mu4 mentality rank yellow
心得 xin1de2 knowledge gained rank yellow
心意 xin1yi4 mind

Other common words containing 心:

Simp Trad Pinyin English Frequency

中心 zhong1xin1 center rank red
决心 jue2xin1 to resolve rank red
关心 guan1xin1 caring rank red
重心 zhong4xin1 centrobaric rank red
信心 xin4xin1 faith (in someone or something) rank red
人心 ren2xin1 conscience rank orange
放心 fang4xin1 relaxed rank orange
核心 he2xin1 core rank orange
担心 dan1xin1 worry rank orange
小心 xiao3xin1 careful rank orange
离心 li2xin1 offcenter rank orange
自尊心 zi4zun1xin1 selfrespect rank orange
市中心 shi4zhong1xin1 city center rank yellow
不甘心 bu4gan1xin1 not reconciled to rank yellow
好奇心 hao4qi2xin1 curiosity rank yellow
有信心 you3xin4xin1 to have confidence rank yellow
下决心 xia4jue2xin1 determine rank lightblue
公德心 gong1de2xin1 civism rank lightblue
不死心 bu4si3xin1 unresigned rank lightblue
小点心 xiao3dian3xin1 munchies rank darkblue
有良心 you3liang2xin1 conscientious rank darkblue
事业心 shi4ye4xin1 enterprise

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  1. 重心 zhong4xin1 centrobaric

    Definition of "centrobaric":

    1: relating to the center of gravity or to the process of finding it
    2: having a center of gravity