Monday, July 5, 2021

Similar Chinese Characters: 采 釆 来

Sometimes a small difference in writing a certain Chinese character may have a big impact on its meaning.

采 is composed of 7 strokes. Its associative compound is a hand 爫 plucking fruits from a tree 木. 

釆 is composed of 禾 and 丷. 

The ancient written form of 来 looks like a wheat cone. Ancient Chinese people believed that in autumn wheat was carried and spread by birds so that it could be harvested next year. 来 also means "arrival". The vertical stroke in the middle goes across the top and lower horizontal strokes.


collection 采集, 集, 搜集, 征收, 汇集, 采
picking 选择, 采
gathering 采集, 搜集, 会, 采, 局


pick 挑, 选择, 摘, 选, 镐, 采
collect 收集, 收藏, 采集, 搜集, 集, 采
mine 开采, 采, 采掘
extract 提取, 摘录, 提, 抽出, 摘抄, 采
pluck 采摘, 拔出, 拉, 采, 拔, 拔掉



come 来, 来到, 过来, 发生
arrive 到达, 抵达, 到, 来到, 来, 来临
take place 发生, 来, 顶替
crop up 来
nigh 来
occur 发生, 遇, 遇见, 蕴蓄, 蕴, 来


coming 未来, 来
incoming 来

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