Monday, July 5, 2021

The Origin of 册 and 典

Pictograph 册 looks like ancient Chinese books that were composed of bamboo strips and woven together into a scroll.

The ancient written form of 典 is in the shape of a book kept on a table to be read (or, probably, a book held by 2 hands). 

词典 - cídiǎn - dictionary

allusion 典故, 典, 意味, 廋词
ceremony 仪式, 典礼, 式, 礼, 礼仪, 典
literary quotation 典故, 典

book 书, 簿, 著作, 册, 书本, 本子
volume 卷, 体积, 音量, 量, 额, 册
booklet 小册子, 册

Auxiliary verb:

measure word for books 册

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