Thursday, July 22, 2021

Make-up products 化妆用品 - huà zhuāng yòng pǐn

Make-up products 化妆用品 - huà zhuāng yòng pǐn

Word Decomposition
化妆 huàzhuāng to put on makeup
用品 yòngpǐn articles for use; products; goods

Translations of makeup


化妝 makeup
化妝品 cosmetic, makeup, toiletries
化裝 makeup
結構 structure, construction, architecture, fabric, composition, makeup
扮裝 makeup
構造 structure, construction, configuration, constitution, formation, makeup
拼版 makeup
成份 element, makeup
性格 character, disposition, nature, temperament, makeup, mold

Related Chinese Words:

化妆品 huàzhuāng pǐn cosmetic; makeup product
化妆室 huàzhuāng shì dressing room; powder room; (Tw) toilets
化妆墨 huàzhuāng mò kohl
化妆后 huàzhuāng hòu after putting on make-up
化妆前 huàzhuāng qián before putting on make-up

日用品 rìyòng pǐn articles for daily use
常用品 chángyòng pǐn everyday implement; object of everyday use
耐用品 nàiyòng pǐn durable goods
试用品 shìyòng pǐn prototype; trial product; test sample
实用品 shíyòng pǐn utility

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