Monday, July 12, 2021

Chinese Grammar - even - 连

Chinese Grammar - even - 连

The grammar pattern with 连 is certainly used when a speaker wants to add emphasis on something. Learn more about how it really works in sentences.

Translations of 连


even 甚至, 连, 甚而, 甚至于, 就是, 甚或
repeatedly 反复, 多次, 一再, 屡次, 再三, 连
in succession 陆续, 纷纷, 先后, 顺序, 顺次, 连
one after another 先后, 纷纷, 顺次, 连, 挨次, 顺


connect 连, 接, 接通, 连结, 联络, 通
link 链接, 链路, 连接, 联系, 连结, 连
join 加入, 连接, 参加, 联合, 接合, 连


connecting 连


company 公司, 企业, 厂商, 连, 连队, 侪


including 连

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