Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Traffic Signs 交通标记

交通标记 - jiāotōng biāojì - traffic signs


交通 traffic, communication
運輸 transport, transportation, carriage, traffic, conveyance, haul
運 transport, transportation, luck, carriage, fortune, haul
轉運 transport, transportation, traffic, carriage, conveyance
貿易 trading, commerce, commercial trade, traffic


販賣 traffic, sell, peddle
營業 operate, trade, do business, buy and sell, traffic

More Words:
量具 liángjù measuring device
量器 liángqì measuring vessel; measuring apparatus
量度 liángdù to measure; measurement
量杯 liángbēi measuring cup; graduated measuring cylinder
量测 liángcè to measure; measurement

衡量 héngliáng to weigh; to examine; to consider
测量 cèliáng survey; to measure; to gauge; to determine
考量 kǎoliáng to consider; to give serious consideration to something; consideration
丈量 zhàngliáng to measure; measurement
估量 gūliáng to estimate; to assess

Example Sentences:

First measure (it) up, then cut the timber to the correct length.

I want you to measure me for a new suit of clothes.

Measure the wall up carefully, we don't want to buy too much wallpaper.

A liquid measure formerly used in Spanish-speaking countries, having varying value but equal to about 16.2 liters (17 quarts) when used to measure wine.

The amount that a basket can hold.

Let me take your blood pressure.

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