Thursday, July 15, 2021

To save 存

This certain visual association will help you to remember the character 存. 子 (a child) is under a shed (roof, umbrella, etc.) so he/she is "saved", "kept appropriately".

Translations of 存


deposit 存, 交存, 储蓄, 寄存, 储存, 淤积
keep 保持, 保留, 保, 保存, 维持, 存
exist 存在, 有, 存, 生存, 在, 是
store 储存, 储藏, 囤, 储, 存, 蓄
survive 生存, 成活, 存, 残存
retain 保留, 保持, 保有, 拥有, 存
reserve 保留, 储备, 预约, 留, 存, 积存
cherish 珍爱, 珍视, 爱惜, 爱护, 怀有, 存
harbor 包庇, 包藏, 藏, 存, 含, 安

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