Monday, July 5, 2021

假: Pronunciation & Meaning

Depending on the certain pronunciation, the so-called meaning of the character 假 changes. When said in the third tone, it means "false" or "fake". 假 with the forth tone is used for "holidays" or "a leave". 

More Translations with 假:


false 假, 虚假, 伪, 虚, 虚伪, 虚幻
sham 假, 虚假, 虚伪, 义
artificial 假, 虚假, 义, 嚚, 人造的, 武断的
phony 假, 虚假
phoney 假, 虚假
suspended 假, 挂的, 挂上的, 悬的, 悬上的
fallacious 假, 赝, 错误的


fake 假, 伪造, 伪, 伪装, 作伪
suppose 假设, 想, 假定, 猜想, 假, 假使
borrow 借, 借用, 贷, 借出, 贳, 假
avail oneself of 趁, 乘, 假
make use of 利用, 使用, 应用, 借, 假借, 假


leave 假, 假期, 准许
holiday 假日, 节日, 放假, 假, 节, 节庆
vacation 假期, 放假, 假
leave of absence 假
furlough 放假, 假


if 如果, 是否, 如, 假如, 要是, 假

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