Thursday, July 15, 2021

Talking About a Period Of Time 談一段時間

This will help you to talk about periods of time and answer such questions as:

- How long are you going to learn Chinese?
- How long have you been studying English?


Translations of "time":


時間 time, period, while, lasting
時 time, hour, times, tense, fixed time, season
時候 time, moment, length of time, period
時刻 time, moment, hour
期間 period, time, course, lasting
期 period, phase, stage, term, scheduled time, time
工夫 time, work, effort, labor, skill, labour
光陰 time
倍 time
遍 time
季節 season, time, period
候 time, season, condition, state
年華 years, time
度 degree, extent, measure, tolerance, limit, time
拍 beat, racket, clap, slap, racquet, time
拍子 beat, tempo, time, racket, racquet, tempi
辰 time, day, occasion
年頭 year, time
趟 trip, time
年份 years, age, particular year, time
秋 autumn, fall, swing, year, harvest time, time


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