Friday, May 28, 2021

Asian Snacks 亞洲小吃 (Part 1 of 2)

餃 dumpling
糰 dumpling
花生 peanut, groundnut, earthnut, earth pea, goober
落花生 peanut, groundnut, goober, monkeynut
燉 stewed, braised
生悶 braised
指關節 knuckle
油條 cruller
糯米卷 Sticky Rice Wrap
咖喱 curry

Chinese 中國人
Famous 著名的
Guangzhou 廣州
Hong Kong 香港
Rice 米
Noodle Roll 麵條卷


油炸 deep-fried
樸素 simple, plain
素 plain, vegetarian, white, native, simple
樸實 simple, plain, honest, guileless, sincere
簡朴 simple, plain, unadorned
白 white, blank, clear, bright, plain, snowy
朴 simple, plain
樸 simple, plain
陋 ugly, humble, corrupt, plain, scanty, limited
絕對 absolute, sheer, very, utter, plain
簡單的 foolproof, ordinary, oversimplified, plain, straightforward
明白的 patent, apodictic, downright, incontestable, incontrovertible, plain
新鮮 fresh, latest
新 new, fresh, up-to-date
鮮 fresh, few, little, rare
新興 new, rising, novel, fresh, up-and-coming
凊 chilly, chill, breezy, brisk, cool, fresh
冒失的 bold, bold-faced, flip, fresh, harum-scarum, obtrusive
什 assorted, miscellaneous
分類的 assorted


jelly 果凍, 膠凍, 果子凍
jell 果凍, 膠凍, 果子凍

牡蠣 oyster
蠔 oyster
蠣 oyster
蚵 oyster
蚌 mussel, oyster
鮚 oyster
所愛好的事 oyster
皮膚 skin
肌膚 skin
皮 skin, leather, hide, fur, cover, sheet
膚 skin
臚 skin, belly
長皮 skin
海鮮 seafood
魚鮮 seafood, fish and shellfish as food
過敏 allergy
變態反應 allergy
過敏症 allergy, erethism, hypersensitivity
堅果 nut
核心 core, kernel, nucleus, nut
血液 blood
血 blood
成分 ingredient, composition, blood, birth
出身 birth, blood
衁 blood
米粥 congee
胸部 chest, thorax, brisket
胸肉 brisket
腎 kidney
腎臟 kidney
腰子 kidney
性格 character, disposition, nature, temperament, makeup, kidney
個性 personality, individuality, character, individual character, identity, kidney
腌泡汁 marinade
肉 meat, flesh, beef
肉類 meat
肉食 meat
食物 food, meat, eating, eatables
牛肉 beef
肉 meat, flesh, beef
豬肉 pork, pig
米 meter, rice, metre
飯 rice, meal, food, cooked rice, cuisine
稻 rice, paddy
米飯 rice
稻子 rice, paddy
米糠 rice
面條 noodles, noodle
肝 liver
肝臟 liver
蔬菜 vegetables, vegetable, green, produce
菜 dish, vegetables, greens, wild herbs, non-staple food
青菜 vegetables, greens, greengrocery
菜蔬 vegetables, dish, greens
素食 vegetarian food, vegetables
芼 vegetables
韭菜 chives
蝦 shrimp, crayfish, crawfish, frog, toad
小蝦 shrimp
燒烤 barbeque
魚 fish
筭 chip, fish
片 sheet, piece, film, slice, disc, movie
薄片 flake, slice, thin section, thin slice
一片 piece, slice
菜刀 kitchen knife, slice
餐刀 slice
生麵糰 dough
玉米 corn, maize, ear
雞眼 corn, clavus
包穀 corn, maize
玉蜀黍 corn
穀類 cereal, grain, corn
穀 grain, corn, vale, paddy, wadi
棒子 stick, club, corncob, corn, maize, ear
老玉米 corn
蛋 egg
雞蛋 egg
卵 egg, ovum, spawn
卵子 egg, ovum
鴨 duck, drake
鴨子 duck
鴨肉 duck


漬 pickle, vinegar, marinade, steep, confect, marinate
切片 slice
切 cut, slice, chip, be close to, correspond
裁 judge, trim, slit, cut down, slice, cut up
腌 salt, pickle, cure, corn, gammon, preserve in salt
煽動 incite, instigate, stir up, whip up, egg
挑唆 incite, instigate, abet, egg
使清新 fresh

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